Case Study Description

Mark was only on a modest income when he first came to Property Asset Planning as a first-time investor. He knew he wanted to invest to create wealth to enable him to retire more comfortably, but he didn’t know where to start.

The team at Property Asset Planning helped Mark develop a strategy that reduced the amount of tax he pays. Rather than wait until the end of the financial year to receive a tax refund from the government, Mark chose to amend the amount of tax his employer takes out of his salary. Having less tax taken out of his salary automatically gave him access to more take-home income each week.

The extra cash Mark now has in his pocket each week enabled him to build his wealth creation strategy faster. He has since come back to Property Asset Planning to buy his second investment property, putting him on the path to creating a profitable property portfolio for his retirement. Well done, Mark!

Case Study Details

Mark wanted to create wealth so he could retire more comfortably. The team at Property Asset Planning took all the hard work out of the process for him and made the investment process simple and seamless.

Property Asset Planning worked with Mark to create a strategy that would reduce the amount of tax he pays – at the same time increasing the amount of cash he receives each week from his salary. The additional cash made it easier for Mark to create wealth and build his property portfolio.

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