Many people worry about a property manager change if they have a tenant in the property.

Changing your property manager does not change the existing tenancy agreement between you and your current tenant.

Property Asset Property Management notifies the tenant with all the important details. Furthermore, after having spoken to yourself and the tenant, we determine if an inspection is required urgently or if the previous routine inspection date is suitable.

As the landlord, you can be assured that the Property Asset Property Management team will take care of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the changeover in addition to the tenant liaison. We facilitate the bond transfer and review of current file, keys and documentation from the previous manager.

From your tenants perspective, there is minimal impact when you change property manager.  Our team contacts your tenant both in writing and by telephone to advise of the change. We ensure they have updated account details to pay their rent (and any additional expenses such as water usage) and contact details for our team if they encounter any issues during their tenancy. This consequently leads to a seamless, simple and effective transition.

We do the worrying so you don’t have to!

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