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Brian Chant

As the Managing Director of Property Asset Planning, for over 20 years Brian Chant has introduced hard-working South Australians to the benefits of property investing, helping increase their wealth, while also giving people the tools to retire financially independent (meaning they don’t need to rely on the pension to survive).

How does Brian do this? A proven and patented 4-step property investment process to maximise rental returns and capitalise on tax benefits the Australian Tax Office (ATO) entitles investment properties owners. With Brian’s process, achieving the ultimate goal of providing his clients with a passive income (i.e. earning money without working) is commonplace.

Brian himself has personally invested in property for decades, meaning he practices exactly what he preaches. Brian currently owns investment properties through various tax structures, including his self-managed superfund (SMSF). Brian has also had a 0% personal income tax for many years. To prove it, just ask Brian to show you all of the official documentation from the ATO stating that he pays 0% personal income tax!

One of Brian’s other skills is helping people take control of their retirement savings by offering suitable properties for SMSF. Buying an investment property in a SMSF can be the perfect way for some investors to increase the value of their superannuation in a highly tax-effective manner. This means you’ll be in a stronger financial position when you retire than the average Australian. As a kicker, because this is an investment in your superannuation, every time your employer contributes, they’re essentially paying for your investment property; how cool is that!?

Brian is very proud of the process he’s developed within Property Asset Planning, because it ensures all our clients enjoy a seamless, simple property investment process – from decision-making, to selecting the right property, and finally through to the ongoing management of the property.

Brian’s proudest business achievement is that Property Asset Planning is built on client referrals, which he sees as the greatest compliment a business owner can receive. If everyday South Australian’s are vouching for Brian and his property investment expertise, he must be doing something right!!

If you’d like to refer a friend to Brian, please click here and complete the form. Following this, not only will Brian touch base with your friend, but he’ll also thank you personally and you could be eligible to receive a gift from our Referral Program!

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