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How much do Property Investment Planning’s investment properties cost?

We have a range of properties available from different builders in different locations across South Australia.

Each development has its own price point depending on the features of the property and demand for the location.

As a guide, we have access to property packages in the $300,000 – $500,000 range.

If Property Asset Planning doesn’t charge for your service, how does Property Asset Planning get paid?

Property Asset Planning is paid by the builder.

Whether you decide to purchase through us or direct from the builder, all properties are the same price.

We do not endorse or participate in ‘two-tier marketing’ and have letters from our builders to verify this.

How do I know if I am ready to purchase an investment property?

Taking the first step is generally the biggest and most daunting step!

If you are seeking education, research and professional assistance in your investment journey, then you are ready!

We have met people who wake up one day and decide that it’s time to purchase a property. They search newspapers/websites looking at the properties available; essentially searching for the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’.

Unfortunately these investors have not done their homework nor have they asked themselves how that particular property fits into their long-term property strategy.

You’ll reduce stress and avoid unnecessary mistakes by meeting with us before you purchase. We’ll help you to understand your long-term goals and determine your Property Portfolio Plan.

Do Property Asset Planning charge fees at or after settlement?


Property Asset Planning does not charge you any fees before, at or after settlement. Our ongoing support to you is at no charge.

It is important to note that your Investment Property will have some ongoing costs (not related to our service) and we will take you through each of these before you make the decision to purchase the property.

I would like to purchase a property in the same suburb that I live in. Can Property Asset Planning find a property in my area?

Whilst we are able to source properties in almost every metropolitan suburb in SA, sometimes, that’s not necessarily the best investment decision for your circumstances.

When it comes to selecting a property, you need to balance what you can afford to buy with the rent that you’ll be able to charge a tenant.

If the property will cost more to hold than the rent you receive, you need to be comfortable in funding the shortfall over the long term.

Of course, you could look at other locations and properties that may be lower in cost with similar rental returns thus reducing (or even alleviating) that shortfall we were talking about!

How much does Property Asset Planning’s service cost?

Our service is free and will only cost you 60-90 minutes of your time.

I don’t have enough cash for a deposit. Does this mean I can’t invest in property?

Not all properties require 10% deposit.

Many of our clients have acquired an Investment Property with as little as $1,000.

If you have $1,000 for a holding deposit and around $150,000 equity in your home, you should make the time to speak to us today.

What are the average land sizes of the investment properties? Does Property Asset Planning have various sizes of land available?

We have developments that suit most people’s circumstances and goals.

The primary focus on any Investment Property should be around tenancy. Does this property offer all the things that a tenant is looking for?

The size of the land should only be a minor consideration when looking at an Investment Property; primarily to ensure you have not crossed into Land Tax territory.

Are there on-going costs with investment properties?

Yes, but not for our service.

Before you make the decision to purchase an Investment Property with our help, we will cover all costs associated with the purchase.

This includes the one-off fees (i.e. Stamp-Duty, Build Costs etc.) and the ongoing fees (i.e. council rates, property management etc.).

Why should I invest in a new property?

Buying a new property over an established property will win out every time. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Less maintenance
  • Larger Tax deductions
  • More attractive to tenants
  • Lower tenant vacancy rates
  • Maximum asset depreciation

Building Wealth

Why can’t I just go to the builder and build an Investment Property by myself?

You certainly can do it yourself, if you wish. You can take the information you learn and go it alone at any time.

However, remember that it can be very time-consuming to ensure your financial structure is set up correctly to maximise your goals. It also takes time to find the right property in an optimal location to maximize your chance of good capital growth and strong rental demand. You also need to ensure you have all the right inclusions for prospective tenants and to take advantage of the maximum tax benefits available.

Our goal is to make your investing journey as seamless and simple as possible for you.

I’m more of a DIY person. Can I just make an appointment for information?

Successful investors recognise that they are the experts in their chosen field of employment. Focus on your skills and manage your weaknesses; seek professional help, allowing experts to manage the day-to-day of your investment whilst you enjoy time with the family and friends!

Having seen clients DIY in the past, we can honestly say that while investors think they are saving money, most of the time, it ends up costing more, both in time and dollars than working with an expert.

I’m looking for a property to hold for a couple of years. Does Property Asset Planning have any of these available?

We do not recommend ‘flipping’ property. Property should be seen as a “buy and hold” strategy.

When purchasing an investment property, we recommend that you go into the investment with the view of holding onto the property for 10 years or more.

Is “Rent Money Dead Money”?

The traditional belief that “rent money is dead money” is no longer a sticking point for some people, and renting while investing could be used as part of an effective overall investment strategy.

Renting is usually cheaper than owning in a given suburb, and as a tenant you’re free to select a neighbourhood that meets your lifestyle preferences.

Don’t established and older properties offer the same benefits as a new property?

Changes to tax laws that came into effect from the 2016-17 Federal Budget have reduced the tax benefits available to investors who purchase an established property.

Furthermore, older properties will generally require more of your time to manage and maintain.

As the building, landscaping, fittings and fixtures are aged, you may also spend a considerable sum on repairs, replacements and maintenance.

Am I allowed to use a loan to purchase my investment property?


In fact, borrowing to purchase is, in most cases, the most beneficial and tax minimising strategy.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and we’ll work with the relevant experts in the financial fields to show you just how powerful an Investment Property can be for you in reducing your Income Tax and paying off your home-loan sooner!

Can Property Asset Planning send me a list of available properties?

Our list of properties is not available to the general public.

Our process is such that we need to meet with you, to understand your long-term financial goals and current financial capabilities. Until then, we do not know which property would be suitable for you to consider purchasing!

What if I don’t like the properties or the suburbs Property Asset Planning recommends?

Our investment strategies are tailored to suit each individual situation.

We have a wide range of properties available all over the state – our primary focus is South Australian residential properties because of the great return on investment.

However, we can access hand-picked properties suited to your individual financial situation in any other state you desire.

What types of properties are best to invest in?

We believe that having a Torrens Titled Investment Property is best suited to most people.

That being said, there are some circumstances where a Community Titled property may be suitable.

It really comes down to each person’s goals and circumstances.

Where is the best place to purchase an investment property that gives me the biggest financial return?

There are multiple factors that can determine the best location for an investment property.

First and foremost, Property Asset Planning believes it’s important to take into account each individual client’s investment goals and current financial position before assisting in the creation of a Property Portfolio.

Once we understand your current financial capacity and your long-term goals, we then consider the locations best suited to help you achieve your goals.

Reducing Tax

What do I need to consider regarding affordability and cash flow?

When buying something such as an investment property, you must be certain that you can afford to buy and hold the investment over the long-term as there are costs and risks involved.

Cash flow is also important so ensure you are ready to take on the extra expense if the need arises.

Do Property Asset Planning consider Land Tax?


Why would you want to pay any extra costs that you don’t need to?!

In your initial meetings with us, we will discuss your current financial situation, including any investment properties you already own. This will assist us in preparing a suitable strategy to increase your Property Portfolio.

What is Stamp Duty and do I need to pay it?

The purchase of property is generally subject to stamp duty, which unfortunately can be a significant cost and must be budgeted for in the transaction.

In South Australia, further information regarding Stamp Duty (along with calculators), can be found at the Revenue SA website –

Property Asset Planning will always advise you of any potential Stamp duty costs payable upon purchase of the land or land and completed Full Turnkey Investment Property.

What is “RentVesting”?

Essentially, RentVesting is renting where you WANT to live while INVESTING in a property that is in the best location that you can afford to invest in.

How big can the tax benefits of owning an investment property be?

Depending on your financial circumstances, we generally find that the tax benefits of the properties we offer can reduce your tax payable by 25% – 35% per year for the first five years!

What is Land Tax?

In simple terms, if you own land in SA, the site value and land use as at midnight 30 June are used to determine the amount of land tax payable for the next financial year.

Land Tax is generally not applicable on your principal place of residence (i.e. your family home).

For the 2017-18 Financial Year, if the total taxable site value of your land holdings was below $353,000 there was no Land Tax payable.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

Is an SMSF right for me?

Establishing an SMSF and investing in property with your SMSF isn’t a strategy suitable for everyone and their financial situation. Such strategies should only be executed under the guidance of an SMSF specialist, such as a Master Financial Planner.

How much Super do I need to have to start an SMSF?

Industry experts generally advise a minimum of $200,000 savings in super for an SMSF to be a cost effective option.

What are the benefits of purchasing an investment property in my Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

If you’re eligible, and it’s the right course of action for your personal circumstances, once you’ve set up your SMSF you’re in charge – you make the investment decisions for the fund and you’re held responsible for complying with the super and tax laws.

As an added benefit, in addition to a tenant contributing to the cost of the property, your employer will also contribute by way of the mandatory super contributions!

Finally, under the current superannuation law, once you retire and start to access money from your SMSF, there is no tax payable. This includes capital gains tax!!

Can I get a loan inside a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

Generally speaking, yes.

The Trust Deed of the SMSF needs to allow for borrowing. This is something you will need to discuss with your SMSF Specialist (i.e. Financial Planner).

If I purchase a property in my Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), who pays for the loan?

A combination of people end up paying the loans on property purchased in a SMSF.

These may include:

  • Your Employer and/or Your Partner’s Employer
  • Your Tenant
  • You and/or Your Partner

What is a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

This extract has been taken directly from the Australian Taxation Office website:

“Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are a way of saving for your retirement.

The difference between an SMSF and other types of funds is that the members of an SMSF are usually also the trustees. This means the members of the SMSF run it for their benefit and are responsible for complying with the super and tax laws.”

Establishing and/or acquiring a property through an SMSF is a decision that you need to give careful consideration and Financial Advice from a qualified expert.

Is Property Asset Planning qualified to provide advice on SMSF’s?

The SMSF Information we provide is general and factual in nature only. We do, however, work closely with a qualified Master Financial Planner who can provide you with the right advice to follow this investment strategy, if it is appropriate for you to do so.

Please note that we can provide property options suitable for purchase in an SMSF.

Can I rent the property from my SMSF?

No, No and No!

It’s important to note that you can’t use your SMSF fund to invest in a property that you intend to live in, or for any family member to live in.

There’s a condition that the SMSF trustee, its members, or any relatives can’t benefit from the property.

The property purchase must be for the sole purpose of supporting the SMSFs investment strategy in building wealth for retirement.

Easy Property Investment

What does Property Asset Planning look for when determining if an investment property is good to purchase or not?

Each Property Asset Planning Investment Property has been carefully created with our building partners and are not available to the general public.

The due diligence process that we undertake prior to a property being approved for sale is intense. We analyse the geographical location, potential for growth and demand.

As an example, we ensure that properties have convenient access to schools, parks, gardens, public transport and shopping centres; potential tenants rate these highly when tenanting a property.

I want to do something for my future. Where do I start with investing in property?

The best place to start your property investment journey is to book a consultation with one of our Property Consultants.

We’ll help you create a strategy based on your financial situation and your goals. Then we’ll guide you every step of the way through the property investment process to ensure your journey is as seamless and simple as possible.

How much effort does it require to keep an investment property?

As the properties we offer are brand new, little to no maintenance is required in their first five years of ownership.

Following our tried and tested methods, it can be very little effort on your part!

Does Property Asset Planning only offer one type of investment property

Definitely not!

We tailor each property investment strategy to suit every individual client’s needs.

What might be a great property for one client may not suit another, so we strive to locate the most suitable properties to help all our clients achieve their goals.

Is there a demand for rental properties?

In Australia, it is widely recognised that we are facing a housing crisis with a large proportion of our population homeless.

This does not even take into account our growing population, which is at around 400,000 people per year.

With this level of population growth, it’s estimated that an additional 133,000 homes per year are required (assuming 3 people per household).

Therefore, the demand for properties is high and if you have the financial capacity to purchase an investment, we believe that the real risk for property investors lies in obtaining the education and knowledge of both the property and taxation systems to avoid making costly mistakes.

What risk minimisation strategies do Property Asset Planning use?

We recommend that clients have a diverse Property Portfolio both in terms of the location and the type of properties they choose to invest in.

What happens if something goes wrong with the build of my investment property?

We only use longstanding, reputable builders. This way, we know our clients will get the best quality property & building experience possible.

Prior to commencing construction, we also ensure that the builder provides you with Proof of Insurance.

This gives our clients peace of mind that all liability from construction through to final handover rests with the builder.

What if I can’t get a tenant once my investment property has been built?

Our recommended Property Manager offers a Rental Guarantee on the properties we offer.

If you take up this option and the property is vacant for a period of time, or you get less rent than the Property Manager expected when you purchased, you still get paid!

What if I have a problem with the building once a tenant moves in?

The unfortunate reality is that there are some aspects of a newly constructed property that we cannot see or test during pre or final handover inspections of the property.

Our recommended Property Manager has direct access to the builders and maintenance teams in the event urgent attention is required.

For non-urgent matters, the Property Manager works with the tenant to identify issues and report these to the builder at the 90-Day Warranty and Maintenance inspection.

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