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Free Property Investment Seminars Adelaide

Free Property Investment Seminars Adelaide

Free Property Investment Seminars Adelaide

A Great Opportunity To Learn About Property Investing

Want to learn how to build a profitable investment property portfolio for your future? Come to one of the best property investment seminars Adelaide has to offer and we’ll show you how.

Property Asset Planning has been assisting South Australians with their wealth building goals through smart property investment since 2000.

Aren’t All Property Investing Seminars the Same?

It seems that every property investment group out there right now is pushing hard to get you into a seminar, so how do you know which one to attend?

After all, they all seem exactly the same, don’t they?

Why Are Our Property Investment Seminars Different?

There are plenty of property investment seminars being offered all over Adelaide. In fact, you can find one running almost every week somewhere across town.

However, our point of difference is that we’re an entirely South Australian owned and operated company. Our offices are right here on Unley Road in Parkside, so we’re not just flying in to sell you something from interstate. We’re locals!

What’s more, all the properties we offer are carefully selected investments located right here in Adelaide, with most located in high-demand and high-growth areas in selected parts of South Australia.

We aren’t interested in selling you over-priced apartments in Melbourne or Queensland, where you can’t check out for yourself what your hard-earned money is buying.

We spend lots of time searching for the right properties in high-demand suburbs right here in Adelaide to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. After all, Adelaide DOES have the lowest rental vacancy rate among the major cities, so why not invest where the demand is already high?

Are We Qualified to Teach You About Property Investing?

The speaker for all our seminars is Master Financial Planner, Brian Lucas. He’s an internationally-renowned public speaker, but he’s also a very highly qualified Financial Planner. He’s willing to teach you the principles and strategies successful investors use to build wealth, reduce tax and create a profitable property portfolio.

How Much Does It Cost To Come To Our Property Investment Seminar?

Our information seminars are free of charge to you!

What’s more, we run our property investment seminars in a variety of locations all around Adelaide to be sure you can learn all you need to know, somewhere close to your home.

We’re willing to reveal powerful financial and investing strategies designed to help you build wealth and reduce the amount of tax you pay at no cost to you.

Many other property investment companies want to charge you thousands to listen to EXACTLY the same strategies we’re offering to teach you.

How Do I Book My Seat At Your Next Seminar?

If you’d like to attend one of our property investment seminars in Adelaide, simply register here!

Alternatively, send us an email at and let us know you’d like to attend.

We look forward to assisting you with your property investment goals!

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Find out more about Investing in Property

If you have considered investing in property, our educational 1 hour Financial Freedom Information Evening (when available) or a meeting with a Property Strategist is invaluable.

We educate people interested in protecting and growing their wealth via smart property investments so they can take control of their future and make their own decisions.

Obtain knowledge and make an informed decision... Book a 1:1 presentation to find out more!

The information provided is purely to educate you on the in's and out's of property investment. It will help you make an informed decision on whether investing in property is right for you.