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Property Investment Seminar Adelaide

Property Investment Seminar Adelaide

If you’re looking to invest in property but don’t know where to begin, this is your chance to find out.

By attending our 1-hour property investment seminar Adelaide people get a greater understanding of what’s required to invest in property, and thus a have better understanding of whether investing in property is the right strategy for them or not. Our Adelaide property investment seminars identify & explain the best practices and benefits for investing in local real estate. Headlining our property investment seminars is Master Financial Planner, Brian Lucas. As a previous Adviser to the State Government, an author, and a regular real estate radio commentator, when it comes to real estate and finance there’s simply no one else with Brian’s level of knowledge & expertise. Brian’s presentation includes discussions on “how to reduce income tax”, “how to use managed debt to build wealth”, “how to buy property with your superannuation”, and “3 common mistakes investors make”, and is very valuable information for both new & existing property investors.

Property Investment Seminar Adelaide 1 - Property Investment Seminar Adelaide
Property Investment Seminar Adelaide 2 - Property Investment Seminar Adelaide

Take advantage of our Simple Yet Effective Process

We’re very proud of the seamless and proven property investment process we’ve created for our clients. It is the result of decades of industry experience, and refined to prioritise maximising your return on investment. It focuses on metropolitan & rural South Australian opportunities because SA is a sector strong in the Australian property market. As part of our process, we draft an investment strategy on paper tailored to your current financial situation. This then allows us to clearly demonstrate how property investing works, allowing you to make an educated decision before purchasing. We discuss this process in our property investment seminar Adelaide, and also how we investigate investing in property with superannuation. For upcoming property investment seminar announcements, keep an eye on our website and social media accounts.

Get the Most Out of Your Property Investment Plan

Investing in an Adelaide property with the right property investment advice can enhance your financial situation, immediately and into retirement. The first step to a successful property investment strategy is attending one of our property investment seminars in Adelaide. At our seminars investors get the information they need to effectively create a property portfolio and invest in their future. Alternatively, if you call our office we are can organise a personal one-on-one session with one of our specialists where you will be able to sit down and discuss in detail your goals, and how you can best invest in property.

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Property Investment Seminar Adelaide 3 - Property Investment Seminar Adelaide

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Find out more about Investing in Property

If you have considered investing in property, our educational 1 hour Financial Freedom Information Evening (when available) or a meeting with a Property Strategist is invaluable.

We educate people interested in protecting and growing their wealth via smart property investments so they can take control of their future and make their own decisions.

Obtain knowledge and make an informed decision... Book a 1:1 presentation to find out more!

The information provided is purely to educate you on the in's and out's of property investment. It will help you make an informed decision on whether investing in property is right for you.