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Property Manager vs Leasing Agent…. What’s the Difference?

Property Manager vs Leasing Agent.... What's the Difference?

Property Manager vs Leasing Agent…. What’s the Difference?

Property Manager vs Leasing Agent…..

What is the difference? This short blog will explain.

Finding a Property Manager that suits your needs can sometimes be confusing. In the marketplace, there are ‘property managers’ or ‘leasing agents’ and then there are ‘Property Managers’!

Property Asset Property Management is a FULL SERVICE ‘Property Management’ company established to provide landlords with an exceptional experience when it comes to managing their investment property. We understand that an investment property is likely to be your largest investment for your future and we treat it and you with the utmost respect in all matters.

Property Asset Property Management is competitively priced within the marketplace for the full-service Property Management of your investment property.

Whilst you may find other ‘property managers’ or ‘leasing agents’ who may seem to be similar or cheaper in price, once you look at all the extra costs along with the limitations of their service offering, you will find that by paying less, you get less service.

Property Asset Property Management will deal with all matters arising in regards to your investment property. We don’t simply find a tenant and collect rent. We manage all aspects of your investment – your tenant, your payments (always important!), inspections, maintenance (or builder) liaison and general items as required.

We liaise with you and facilitate / resolve matters which occur. We hold regular inspections at your property and if it has been purchased through Property Asset Planning, we also report back to the builders any issues that have arisen after your handover.

The first inspection of a newly constructed property will also include the builders 90 day warranty report. Many ‘leasing agents’ will not complete this report. They will recommend another person to do this (i.e. a building inspector) which will cost you $400 – $500!

The 90-day warranty report for a new property is designed to let the builder know of any issues with the initial build. This could include: doors not closing properly, leaking taps etc. – generally minor issues which are unable to be checked until there is a person physically living in the property. In our view, a licensed building inspector is not required to pick up on such small matters identified as part of the inspection process!

If you would like to have a building inspector inspect your property, simply let Property Asset Planning know and we can put you in touch with a reputable building inspector to give you further piece of mind.

Regardless of the age of the property, we endeavour to not put the responsibility back on you as the landlord to contact builders and maintenance companies – wasting your valuable time and energy. That’s what you pay us to do! We do the worrying so you don’t have to!

If doing the least amount possible and not stressing about your investment property sounds good to you, contact us to find out about the Full Service that we provide in managing your investment property!

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