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The End is Near for ‘Dodgy’ Property Managers

The End is Near for 'Dodgy' Property Managers

The End is Near for ‘Dodgy’ Property Managers

In November 2016, The Government of South Australia proposed the introduction of a registration system for residential property managers to ‘weed out’ unprofessional or ‘dodgy’ operators.

At present, South Australia is the only state that doesn’t require residential property managers to be licensed.

The move responds to demands to the State’s consumer watchdog, Consumer and Business Services, who receive about 180 calls a month from tenants, property managers and landlords relating to either inadequate service or alleged inappropriate or poor behaviour from property managers.

What are the changes?

Proposed changes will include a registration / licensing system whereby people seeking to act as professional residential property managers will need to hold the requisite qualifications, to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge base to work in the sector. This is in addition to the development of a Code of Conduct for the real estate industry.

The Bill also gives the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs the power to take action against unprofessional property managers – ranging from financial penalties to deregistration.

What’s happened so far?

From November 2016 through to May 2017 the Government consulted with the industry and the non-Government sector.

Last week, a draft Bill and Code of Conduct was introduced to Parliament.

Is this a good thing?

Property Asset Property Management thinks so!

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) has been lobbying the State Government for years to have residential property managers licensed.

“Property managers manage vast portfolios of property worth many tens of millions of dollars and deal with complex issues between landlords and tenants every day,” the REISA CEO has said.

“It is therefore essential that they are as relevant, professional and educated as possible. This not only improves the reputation and accountability of the profession but also serves as a fantastic foundation for consumer protection.

What about Property Asset Property Management?

“There was never the option of employing property managers who had not completed the Nationally Accredited Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)” said Brian Chant – Director of Property Asset Property Management.

“When we were interviewing for our Senior Property Manager position, if the candidate didn’t have the qualification, then we simply didn’t interview them.”

Having multiple investment properties himself, Brian wanted peace of mind for himself and other landlords, that their investments were being looked after and managed by qualified and professional property managers.

“Vera is our Senior Property Manager here. She has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been licensed since 1989” he told us.

“Do these proposed changes impact us?… in short, No. The long answer is of course it does! The proposed changes will give more credibility and accountability to property managers and hopefully create a more professional sector for landlords and tenants.”

The Press Releases from Deputy Premier John Rau (Minister for Consumer and Business Services can be viewed by clicking the links below:

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